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Frye Festival's Imagination at Work story template
Frye Festival's Imagination at Work Comics template
Click on the images to download the PDF templates.

> Imagination at Work

Exhibit of drawings and texts by students from kindergarten to grade 5

Students write a story or poem, or illustrate a short text. The whole family is invited to an exhibit during the 24th annual edition of the Frye Festival from April 21 to 30, 2023, to admire the creations. Many prizes are distributed to the participants!

Participating is free and easy:

1. Register your class or a student.

2. Determine your students’ or children's creation preference: story, poem or short text with illustration.

3. Download printable templates. Click on one of the two templates (text template, comic book template) to download.

4. Personalize the template: add more dialogue bubbles, divide a panel. Let your kids create!

5. Send all submissions by mail to: P.O. Box 26023, Moncton, NB, E1E 4H9.

Deadline: March 31, 2022

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