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In 2022, the Frye Festival will be in its 23rd edition. After over two decades of history, the Frye Festival has welcomed to Greater Moncton more than 850 authors and has put into place essential programs for the community.

The Frye Festival was founded by three partners from the Greater Moncton region: the Aberdeen Cultural Centre, the Northrop Frye Society, and the Greater Moncton Economic Commission.


In December 1999, a public featuring two Canadian literary superstars, Antonine Maillet and John Ralston Saul, was organized at the Capitol Theatre by the Greater Moncton Economic Commission, Vision TV, and the Aberdeen Cultural Centre. This project became the catalyst for the creation of the Festival.


The first edition of the festival, named the Northrop Frye International Literary Festival, took place in 2000. The Festival’s name was chosen to commemorate world-renown literary critic Northrop Frye (1912–1991), who spent his formative years in Moncton.


The Frye Festival’s national reputation demonstrates its important place in the Canadian literary sector.

Copie de Northrop Frye.jpg

Northrop Frye
(print by Jeff Sprang)

Throughout the years, the Frye Festival has received many awards:

  • New Brunswick Lieutenant-Governor’s Dialogue Award (2005)

  • Event of the Year Award at the Soirée des Éloizes (2008, with another nomination in 2012)

  • TD Arts Organization of the Year by the NB Foundation for the Arts (2009)

  • Community Service Excellence Award from the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce (2012)

  • Recognition Award from the Association of Professional Librarians of NB (2012)

  • Dr. Marilyn Trenholme Counsell Award for Community Literacy Programs (2014)

  • Excellence Award—Promotion of Linguistic Duality, Commissioner for Official Languages of Canada (2014)

  • Dr. Marilyn Trenholme Counsell Award for Community Literacy Programs (2014)

  • Prix Acadie-Québec (2018)

  • Finalist of the Non-profit Organization of the Year Category​ at the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton Buisness Excellence Awards (2018)

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